The Onward Accelerator Program is a one-of-a-kind community of people who are doing the work every day to accomplish our mission statement. What is our mission statement? It’s simple: To reveal the potential within our lives by moving onward and thinking ahead.  


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The Onward Community is your one-stop-shop where you can network with unique individuals, grow alongside like-minded individuals, and create space for you to invest in your life.



The Onward Accelerator Program offers you the unique opportunity to invest in yourself by having unfettered access to experts in numerous fields of life, the chance to lean on one another for wisdom, and the confidence to walk through life together with the individuals within the program.

J.D. Frost | The Strategy Expert

As the co-founder of CROFT & FROST, J.D. has been able to establish himself as a go-to resource for those looking to scale their business, expand their skill set, and drive production to new levels.

Rocky Garza | The People Expert

Through the ups and downs of a life well lived, Rocky has been able to share his knowledge & experiences with others in a way that allows us to understand one ultimate truth about ourselves: At our core, who we are is good.

Matt Dira | The Wealth Expert

By defining what wealth truly means to us, understanding why we do what we do, and how we can focus our efforts to exponentially increase the amount of wealth we experience in our own lives, Matt’s goal is to expand your understanding of what a full life truly looks like.




  • Live calls with the experts every two weeks
  • Exclusive content and communication from CROFT & FROST
  • Access to network of likeminded people
  • CROFT & FROST Swag
  • Mentorship from our various experts 
  • Lifetime access to J.D. Frost University
  • Accountability partners who will help you grow and achieve your personal, professional, and financial goals 
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"I just want to say the the investment has been more than worth it just in the couple of months I have been a part of the Onward Accelerator. Anyone can give you a course but the daily accountability, biweekly calls, and physicals tools to keep at your goals in check have been invaluable. If you’re on the fence just join. If you don’t get your money’s worth, you’re not engaged."
- Kevin A. ~ Joined January 2022




What is your accountability system? How do you record what you want to accomplish & how you will accomplish it? In this clip J.D. Frost discusses the Daily Ledger & the impact it has had on his life.



What does it truly mean to live a life filled with conviction? To begin every day knowing that each step you take matters & has purpose? In this clip Rocky Garza discusses the implications of this and what it truly mean to live a life filled with conviction.



One of the best ways to grow your network & relationship capital is through investing in the opportunity to attend conferences with like-minded individuals. In this clip Matt Dira, J.D., and others discuss some tips they use to expand their network when attending confernces.